Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 3
Subject:   RE:Can't activate PHP4
Date:   2002-01-15 09:55:26
From:   hammer09
Response to: Can't activate PHP4

I am running 10.1.2 but after snooping around a bit I ended up making a copy of my httpd.conf.bak file and renaming it to httpd.conf and it worked. the .bak file had all of that php information in it but my original conf file did not. Any idea's what may have caused that? I am positive that I didn't delete those lines manually. Either way thanks for your response.
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  • RE:Can't activate PHP4
    2002-01-15 09:58:31  hammer09 [View]

    Oh and one last thing. These articles kick a$$! Please keep the series going and keep up the great work. This is exactly what I have been looking for!
  • Morbus Iff photo RE:Can't activate PHP4
    2002-01-15 12:24:52  Morbus Iff | O'Reilly Author [View]

    I don't, not just yet, but after going over everything last night, it seems that it is a relatively common occurence. Counting you, I can put my fingers on three or four people who had the exact same problem - the PHP lines missing from the conf file, but available in a backup.

    I can take a stab at a possibility: that the httpd.conf file was the one from an earlier version of OS X, and that when people upgraded to the newest version of OS X, it never correctly plopped the new file in the right place. That's a long shot though - if that were the case, why the ".bak" extension on the new file? Doesn't make sense.

    Either way, glad it's working for you.
    • RE:Can't activate PHP4
      2002-04-06 10:08:38  scottfeldstein [View]

      Alas, I'm too bold for my own good. I ran into the very same problem and instead of looking down here in the discussion for an answer, I found the httpd.conf.default file contained the missing items. So... I changed it instead of the httpd.conf file as the article suggested. Somehow this resulted in a bad thing. When my machine boots I see the Apache Web Server loading...when I log in and visit the Web Sharing button I find it's "off"...when I try to turn it on it won't go. And the server isn't on. Doesn't serve a thing.

      On a brighter note, after having read this discussion I was able to set up Apache, PHP and CGI sucessfully on my TiBook. Now how in heck will I fix my desktop machine? Woe is me.