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  FreeBSD Tips and Tricks for 2005
Subject:   Changin port options
Date:   2005-02-18 09:34:38
From:   rocketgt
To remove the port options, asked in the dialog menu, without poking the ports database you should use

make rmconfig

The next commands are taken from bsd.port.mk
in /usr/ports/Mk (or easier with man ports)

showconfig - Display options config for this port.
rmconfig - Remove the options config for this port.
rmconfig-recursive - Remove the options config for this port and all dependencies.

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  • Dru Lavigne photo Changin port options
    2005-02-18 10:00:35  Dru Lavigne | O'Reilly Author [View]

    You must have ESP as bsd.port.mk is the subject of the next article in the series :-)