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Subject:   Using SSL Wildcard certificates
Date:   2005-02-18 03:19:38
From:   Rich Bowen
Response to: Using SSL Wildcard certificates

SSL wildcard certificates don't work reliably in all browsers, and so their use is not often encouraged.
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  • Using SSL Wildcard certificates
    2005-02-23 14:45:35  davidengel [View]

    We have been using wildcard certificates for the past year+ with no problems. It greatly reduced our cost for certificates and has made management of the certificates easier. I have yet to see a browser that did not support it.
  • Using SSL Wildcard certificates
    2005-02-22 06:11:08  Cott [View]

    I haven't found any they don't work in from this century... we use them extensively on heavily trafficed sites.

    If I'm missing something, I'd sure appreciate more info. :)