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  iPod shuffle Tips and Tricks
Subject:   How does the shuffle recognize Audiobooks?
Date:   2005-02-15 17:36:01
From:   TomDavies
I don't have any audio books, but I'd like to be able to have some tracks that don't get shuffled (e.g. classical music, or Joe's Garage).

Can I have some of the tracks in my shuffle immune from shuffling, while still being able to use shuffle mode on the rest?

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  • How does the shuffle recognize Audiobooks?
    2005-02-16 16:40:44  Mindead [View]

    Audiobooks have different file formats. If you buy from ITMS you get .m4b, and from Audible.com you get .aa. You can find tips on how too convert mp3s to bookmarkable files here and here.

    A little tip for playing audiobooks on iPod Shuffle: I put it on top on my playlist and autofill the rest. I put it on shuffle to play music, and when I want to play the audiobook i put the switch on the back to continous play, and hit the play button 3 times to go to the top of the playlist.

    Books from Audible get bookmarked 15 seconds before the point you stopped, books from iTunes in the same point. There seems to be a minor bug in the syncing of bookmarks between iTunes and iPS, sometimes it gets reverted to the previous one.
  • How does the shuffle recognize Audiobooks?
    2005-02-16 07:19:40  sknaster [View]

    You can make a playlist that only includes songs you want to shuffle, then use that playlist as the source of your Autofill. But I don't know how to immunize a track against shuffling -- I'm not sure exactly what iTunes and iPod see in an audiobook to know that that's what it is. Anybody else?
  • How does the shuffle recognize Audiobooks?
    2005-02-16 01:36:48  http://www.advogato.org/person/ReadMe/ [View]

    Plus does the shuffle resume well?

    For Audiobooks this is a must feature.
    If you get a call while you're listening
    it can be a real pain to lose the place
    where you left off.

    Does the pause stay paused even if it
    goes into powersave?

    Just curious.
    • How does the shuffle recognize Audiobooks?
      2005-02-16 07:15:47  sknaster [View]

      The shuffle has very good resume features. For all tracks, it remembers where you were, even in low power states. For audiobooks, it keeps a bookmark of where you were listening, even if you move to a different track. The bookmark even syncs to your computer and back. Details here.

      • How does the shuffle recognize Audiobooks?
        2005-02-16 14:44:00  TomDavies [View]

        That's very interesting, thanks for the link. Is there any way to make an audiobook which the shuffle will recognise from an audio CD audiobook?
        • How does the shuffle recognize Audiobooks?
          2006-04-24 15:27:40  The_Apostle [View]

          There is a little program called "Markable" That will take auidobook CD's rip the files, merge them into one or two large files and then convert them to .m4b format using itunes. Its a great program. I never buy software, but after trying the evaluation version of Markable I dished out the small amount of cash and bought it!!!
        • How does the shuffle recognize Audiobooks?
          2005-02-16 21:00:29  sknaster [View]

          See the comment above from "mindead", with links to instructions for making tracks behave like audiobooks.

          • How can I get shuffle to stop shuffling some of my playlist?
            2005-08-27 22:28:02  brainfire [View]

            I spend 30 min. nitely renaming the tracks in my playlist to a certain order,(alternating podcasts with songs)I right click "ipod" in source list, then copy to play order.
            But when I play it back, it reorders about half of the tracks sorted by artist, or no sort at all. Any suggestions?
            • Won't show music file's
              2007-06-03 18:49:04  MissMoni [View]

              My Friend,G-String,he can't delete the old contents on his ipod shuffle and we tried viewing music file and nothing showed except the one song he put on there.Go talk to him and find out more at myspace.com/slipknotboi666

              Much appreciated
            • How can I get shuffle to stop shuffling some of my playlist?
              2006-01-07 16:11:58  PFNikolai [View]

              I have tried a variety of strategies to get me tracks to play in order but have not succeeded yet. Did you find a solution?