WS-Security in the Enterprise, Part 1: Problem Introduction
Subject:   Java .NET Interop
Date:   2005-02-11 13:58:59
From:   ClintonD
Is it possible to use WS-Security with one web service on Tomcat & another on .NET? I imagine that the .NET WS would be using Web Services Enhancements, but what would the Tomcat WS use? The Apache WSS4J project does not have a download and does not list what interop testing has been done.
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  • Java .NET Interop
    2005-02-14 05:45:08  dpiliptchouk [View]

    It's definitely possible, and this interoperability was exactly the intention of the standard - providing secure communication between disparate WS systems.
    As far as practical implementations on the Java side: besides Apache project, which is still under way, there're several commercial implementations on the market (for instance - from Phaos), but most that I've seen are:
    a) very generic, and, therefore, quite complicated
    b) not too satisfactory as far as their quality goes
    • Java .NET Interop
      2005-04-21 16:24:08  ws_developer [View]

      Hi, many thanks for the excellent articles.

      What's your opinion of Sun's JWSDP 1.5? I've read the interoperability articles on Microsoft's site and they seem to have it working using .NET and JWSDP. Not only Web service to Web service (document literal), but also with WS-Security.

      Just wondering whether the JWSDP can be used to solve all/most of the issues you've discussed so far in your articles.