Session Replication in Tomcat 5 Clusters, Part 2
Subject:   Tomcat 4?
Date:   2005-02-10 07:15:13
From:   dor
I am currently working on a project that is using tomcat 4 (the hosting does not support yet v5). Can I apply the technics here to clusters on tomcat 4?

D. Orbach
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  • Tomcat 4?
    2008-10-04 23:06:18  Rash007 [View]

    Yes you can. - best price finder
  • session replication in Tomcat 4
    2005-03-20 12:53:29  LenB [View]

    I am also interested in the posibility to have session replication done w/ Tomcat 4.

    I noticed that you raised this question more then a month ago. Therefore I would appreceiate if you would give your feedback on the status of your attempts to implement the java-groups for session replication on Tomcat 4.

    You can write to me directly at

    Thanks a lot.

  • Tomcat 4?
    2005-02-13 11:55:01  dor [View]

    Thanks a lot
  • Tomcat 4?
    2005-02-10 21:49:55  srinip [View]

    You can implement session replication in Tomcat 4 container using JavaGroups API. Here's the link to Tomcat 4 session replication article:
    • Tomcat 4?
      2005-02-13 11:55:31  dor [View]

      Thanks a lot