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Subject:   Google Desktop Search problem
Date:   2005-02-09 10:22:15
From:   rzscoop
Response to: Google Desktop Search problem

Major problems! I cannot even successfully boot up my laptop now... Google Desktop Search worked for me until I installed my Verizon AirCard, including Venturi. Then Google Desktop Search indicated that it was incompatible with Venturi and things went down hill from there. It looks like a complete system rebuild will be required. Not a good day.
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  • Google Desktop Search problem
    2005-03-01 13:48:16  aacero [View]

    Exact same thing happened to me. I tried to uninstall Google Desktop and now my laptop is unusable. Uninstalling Venturi2 first worked -- the first time around. Got impatient and uninstalled Google Desktop before Venturi and ... BOOM! Can't boot the laptop. Anyone have a workaround???