Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 3
Subject:   Please continue series!
Date:   2002-01-05 11:25:56
From:   cms7912
These have been excellent articles. Please continue the series with, at least, a discussion of setting up and accessing a free database such as mySQL.

Great work!

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  • Please continue series!
    2002-01-19 21:54:47  samvenning [View]

    Yes. Excellent article - very well written... very clear. Please continue the series. Last year at uni I covered HTML, Apache and PHP. First semester this year is SQL. Perfect timing for me... I'd love to get SQL up and running on MacOS 10.1.2. MacOS 10.x is now an even better web development platform! O'Reilly is proving indispensable in helping me to make the most of this system.

    Sam V.
    Melbourne, Australia