Cat Fight in a Pet Store: J2EE vs. .NET
Subject:   Total Cost of Ownership
Date:   2002-01-04 07:54:35
From:   normankma
Okay, here's $750,000 and a project.
Which architecture would you choose?

What is the total cost of ownership on
projects based on these 2 architectures?

Cost per developer?
Cost per transaction?
Cost of maintenance?


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  • Total Cost of Ownership
    2002-01-05 09:55:16  deanwampler [View]

    Really good question. I don't have the hard data to offer a definitive answer. I would love for someone to point me to good, unbiased data, if it exists out there.

    Of course, every situation is different, so even the best comparative data has to be filtered through the reality of any particular situation.

    In any event, you would have to do some investigation, probably, to decide what's best for you. I would start with .NET if I were already a MS shop, didn't care about vendor & platform lock-in, and I'm not trying to create a massive web site (like the next Amazon, for example). I would start with J2EE if I'm already comfortable with Java technology and non-Windows platforms. (If I planned to deploy on Windows servers, I might lean towards .NET, instead.)

    If I were going to create the next Amazon, or any other high-performance, high-availability application, I would spend the resources to evaluate what will work for me. It would be worth while doing pilot projects with both architectures. As part of those pilots, I would try to measure or "guess" the answers to your questions.

    How's that for an evasive answer? ;^)
  • Total Cost of Ownership
    2008-03-19 08:45:28  amitoeilly [View]

    well big world many requirement some think difference between $750,000 and $1000,000 while some between $750 and $1000, and yes for many the difference of $250 per project is very important specially who do not want to work under some old non-tech bosses and are doing freelancing ... .NET is good and friendly to work on and really saying small projects are easy to do here ... but same with more brain power can be done in java on linux ... the difference is ... price java+linux+mysql combo can be easily free and of course the mysql integration is more reliable ... .NET + windows OS + MSSQL is costly (i am talking of small projects) and only makes sense if piracy is promoted ... i i choose java over ms just for making my daily bread easy ... for big ... real big projects ... if for enterprise class resource management (oracle or SAP) and if its something like AMAZON i'll really open my options and go for customized solution rather than and particular side of MS or JAVA ... after all you have to display JS+HTML on client side ... and making AMAZON with no heart support for linux and MAC clients would be stupid ... if only MS as a company provided real solutions for all platforms and that too cheap for small projects i would surely prefer .NET but as of now if i get enterprise class feature (good or bad) for free then i'll go ahead and use bulky JAVA for small project and have a ball of $250 tonight ... anyways general CPU provided can be used as enterprise class servers ... right .. no flames please i am just trying to say how many ppl earn (we anyhow do not intend to marry bill or any java guys for various reasons)