Skype on Mac OS X: A Hands-On Approach
Subject:   Skype = spyware
Date:   2005-02-07 03:05:41
From:   elf11
Response to: Skype = spyware

Skype comes with Spyware, see articles on ZDNET and especially an interesting article by Ben Edelman

Even more so, when you agree to install Skype, it is prohibited to run the necessary anti measures.

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  • Skype = spyware
    2005-10-02 03:46:18  jmburnz [View]

    I think if you read that article again, you'll notice (man how could you miss it?) it's talking about the kazaa-Skype bundle.

    At the bottom of the article it clearly states that if you want to AVOID the spyware, then you should just install Skype (from the skype website.

    Clearly the spyware comes with Kazaa, and who doesn't know that? Who the heck wants a kazaa-Skype bundle in the first place?
  • Skype = spyware
    2005-03-15 05:49:46  aross [View]

    The article you're refering us to says that the separate Skype utility (Separate means not in the Kazaa-Skype bundle) comes with no spyware: "Brian recommends that if you don’t want all that adware, then just download the separate Skype utility."