How to Use mutt, FastMail, and Together on Your Mac
Subject:   contacts format
Date:   2005-02-07 02:15:19
From:   bahamat
This article was sweet. I've been planning on setting up mutt for a while now to use with my .mac account, but didn't want to go through the hastle of figuring out all of the options I need in my .muttrc file. This was really helpful because it listed all the options I needed.

The contacts program works like a charm too. To enhance the display a bit, add this to your .muttrc:

set query_command="contacts -l -f %n%e %s | awk '/@/ {print $1\" \" $2i\" <\"$3\">\"}'"

That'll make mutt display e-mail addresses in the form of "Firstname Lastname <>", which is properly formatted for mutt after pressting ^T.

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  • contacts format
    2005-02-07 02:18:06  bahamat [View]

    Hmm, somehow an extra character strayed in there. Replace $2i\ with $2\.

    PS. I wish you guys had a preview function!