Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   Dumb question, I think: IP address
Date:   2001-12-28 16:22:34
From:   dafann
The IP address I see in the Sharing preferences ( is the default address of my LinkSys router. That address is printed in the LinkSys manual, so it belongs to thousands of devices out there. Surely it is of no use for a personal Web site. What am I overlooking?


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  • Morbus Iff photo Dumb question, I think: IP address
    2001-12-29 08:41:44  Morbus Iff | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Sadly, I'm no networking guru, but it sounds like the Sharing preference panel is showing you the IP from the inside of your router - do you know the IP address on the outside (ie. the IP address your ISP gives you?).

    Either way, until you figure that IP out, you can still use or http://localhost/.
    • Dumb question, I think: IP address
      2001-12-30 12:57:30  dafann [View]

      According to their FAQ, my ISP (Cox cable) does not allow servers on their system and will not provide static IP addresses.

      However, I can still have a Web site on a university server. That might be better, anyway, considering the miserable uplink speed on cable.

      Many thanks,

      David Fann
    • Dumb question, I think: IP address
      2002-01-07 10:13:22  ngb [View]

      The easiest way I've found is to point your browser at and it will return the current IP address and hostname of your router.

      You can then write shell script to regularly poll for your IP address and save it on your iDisk or ftp it somewhere else. Direct people to your iDisk web site and it will refer them your desktop machine behind the router.

      More details are here:
  • Dumb question, I think: IP address
    2002-01-07 08:19:50  pizzasub [View]

    There are a few IP blocks that are reserved for intranet addresses; 192.168.x.x is one of them.

    What this means is that that IP address is only accessible from inside your network. I've got a inside my network, too; but I can only get to it from inside.

    Make any sense?
  • Dumb question, I think: IP address
    2002-03-02 15:39:03  dci [View]

    Because of how long it's been since your post I assume you've probably gotten this figured out, but here goes anyway...

    When you authenticate to get into your Linksys router you'll see a series of tabs. Click on the status tab and look down and you'll see LAN: and WAN:. Under WAN you'll see "IP Address:". THAT's the IP address you're looking for.