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  Getting to the Source of Mac OS X
Subject:   OS X on Intel
Date:   2001-12-26 00:32:11
From:   ablair
It seems that anywhere Apple's plans are mulled over, or OS X's open source roots are introduced, there is an immense & bottomless interest in MacOS X on Intel hardware. One can only hope that this interest would trnaslate into a tidal wave of OS purchses if ever Apple Computer released an x86 version of OS X, because they would be destroying 80% of their revenue base in the same fell swoop. Apple is *hardware company* and they get most of their revenue from selling computers, not operating systems.

However, an Intel-version of OS X exists, even if in rudimentary form. MacOS X (the "Yellow Box" environment while the OS was under development) and Classic (the Blue Box environment in OS X) are both well known by now, but development was thought to be halted internally on Red Box (MacOS X on Intel version) shortly before it was completed. This is the reason the MacOS is still around at all (and not an unfortunate anectdote like OS/2): because Apple has wisely decided *not* to release such a version and deep-6ing their hardware market.

That being said, if certain conditions in the industry are right they could quickly release OS X on Intel, but only if they are sure of being able to play on an even field in the OS market on Intel hardware. The principal condition is undoubtedly if Microsoft is restricted from maintaining an unfair competitive advantage by tying Office, IE or other MS products to the Windows OS, probably ensured via breakup as ruled by Judge Jackson. Since this is now unlikely to happen any time soon, don't expect Apple to suicide themselves by competing with a company that holds all the strings. As evidence of this danger, you don't see any other significant market-share competitors around to the MS hegemony, do you? There used to be.

For now, we will have to be satisfied with Apple's open-source Darwin core on Intel hardware. Notably it does not have Aqua, but it is gaining steam as a streaming server platform for Quicktime content, amongst other things. And happily, improving quickly.

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  • OS X on Intel
    2004-10-07 10:12:26  dive@myrealbox.com [View]

    Also - keep in mind that Microsoft Corporation owns a controlling interest in Apple - 1/3 of the stock is owned by Microsoft. This can explain why Apple does or doesn't do a lot of things, and why Apple will not directly compete with Microsoft by releasing an Intel version of OS X. It would be too popular and pervasive, and could take a lion's share of the PC operating system market.
    • Microsoft owns Apple?
      2005-05-11 17:42:09  learnoss [View]

      where did you hear that? having stock in a company does constitute owning a company. Microsoft received non-voting stock and it was to ensure that Gates would continue making software for the Mac. Also, to clear up their long standing lawsuit.

      Apple won't sell an Intel version since it would cut into their hardware business. And what types of apps would you run on your Intel-based OS X computer?
      Apps that run on a Mac. People use Windows since the re are many apps, not the case on Macs.

      Again, another person who is misinformed.