Subject:   The Myth of Easy WEP cracking
Date:   2005-02-03 20:10:14
From:   IDunno
Response to: The Myth of Easy WEP cracking

Tim F statements are not true. WEP is easyly cracked! if you have enough packet you can crack it in seconds! With 500.000 packets a 64 bit key is shown inmediatly. It is not a lot, you can insert traffic with replay attack.. look foer airsnort..
I dont know who TIm F is. .but he doesn't now about the subject.
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  • The Myth of Easy WEP cracking
    2007-07-28 09:02:19  DeeH [View]

    Depending on whose network you're cracking it may take longer to gather the packets, but with a tool like aireplay you can generate the traffic you need, so yeah opening aireplay & typing a few parameters in takes an extra 20-30 secs, but it's still a 5 minute hack altogether. WEP is easy if you know what to do...