Integrating Tomcat with Apache Via the mod_jk Module
Subject:   What about OSX 10.3, Apache 2.0 and Tomcat 5
Date:   2005-02-03 13:07:20
From:   davemar
My mac OSX server 10.3 shipped with Tomcat 4.1.30 and apache 1.3.1. This combo is well behind the releases of TC and Apache that are recommended (Tomcat 5.0.28 and Apache 2.0.52 as of this writing).

Jarkarta has now eliminated connecting from tomcat to apache using the jk2 connector and is back to using the jk connector.

Has anyone established a working JK connector setup using Apache 2 and Tomcat 5? Or is this just impossible and one must use the old releases of TC/Apache in order to get them connected using JK?

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  • What about OSX 10.3, Apache 2.0 and Tomcat 5
    2005-04-17 20:55:23  MDW [View]

    These O'Reilly threads go dead for years, frustratingly.

    I too am attempting to unlock the magical mystery of installing and optimizing Apache, Tomcat, MySQL, and eventually JBOSS on 10.3 and, shortly, on Tiger. I too have spent weeks pouring through copious reams of irrelevant (but mostly good) Jakarta documentation, books, etc. Sooner or later, this problem will yield, but I don't wish to make a career out of solving this.

    Is there anybody out there?