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  Getting Started with PHP's HTML_QuickForm
Subject:   escaping from html does not work fine.
Date:   2005-02-03 07:11:42
From:   yasheshb
i'm using mozilla 1.7.3 and when i try to display the first example (saved it on my local box as ex1.html) it did not recognize the end tags for php
( and it takes the end tag of $form-> as the php ending tag instead of ?> ).

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  • escaping from html does not work fine.
    2006-09-05 13:57:54  Jabbaugh [View]

    PHP is a server side language. This means that you will need to have php installed on your local machine as well as a web server. Additionally, you will need to save the file as "ex1.php". An html file will be interpreted as client side code. This means it will show all of your code to whoever looks at it as well as doing absolutely nothing.

    I hope this helps.