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  Getting to the Source of Mac OS X
Subject:   OS X on Intel machine?
Date:   2001-12-22 20:38:59
From:   cms7912
This insightful article eludes to this possibility, with Darwin on an Intel. Is it possible to then add "core graphics, QuickTime, Carbon, Cocoa, and Aqua" on top of this Darwin installation and run OS X on an Intel?? Is this theoretically possible or has it been done?
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  • OS X on Intel machine?
    2004-12-10 12:27:18  cparker15 [View]

    Core Graphics, Carbon, Cocoa, and Aqua were compiled for the PowerPC architecture. Therefore, they WOULDN'T be able to run on an x86 machine, even with the same base operating system.

    Theoretically, it would be possible if these components were ported, but only Apple has the source code, and the last time I checked, it was illegal to reverse engineer/decompile proprietary binaries.
  • OS X on Intel machine?
    2001-12-31 18:24:59  shareme [View]

    I don't know remebr Quicktime and Java were split into parts to get to run on MacOSx one part is in the OS layer itself on part in the app..

    But I don't see whynot as long as you had some wahy to get apsec to reverse engineer or and combination of source and spec to reverse engineer