Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 2
Subject:   Not being processed
Date:   2001-12-18 13:29:50
From:   radionerd
I followed the excellent directions of this article and everything went as planned. I think created a brand new index.shtml file to put some commands into.

Since this article didn't mention any commands to try, I found this page:

I tried the following command:
<!--#printenv -->

And I get nothing. I do not get any error messages. If I vew the source of the page, I actually see the above comment.

I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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  • Morbus Iff photo Not being processed
    2001-12-19 07:44:43  Morbus Iff | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Hey there, RadioNerd. Glad you liked the article. Let's figure out what went wrong, eh? First things first - the article does mention a command to try. The very last code example on page 2 lists the HTML source of a SSI document, which would include the contents of the CGI script we tested on page 1.

    As for the SSI not working, there could be a couple of reasons - did you restart the Apache webserver? Did you correctly uncomment the AddType and AddHandler lines in the config file (code snippet 1, page 2)? Did you correctly add Includes to the right directory (code snippet 2, page 2)?