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  An Unencrypted Look at FileVault
Subject:   *#@/§^
Date:   2005-02-01 00:58:01
From:   >>-LuKe-->
Response to: Uh Oh...

Hi FJ, thank you very much for your help.
Unfortunately there's nothing to do.
I've attempt to open the .sparseimage file (35,4Gb!) on other Mac with Disk Utility but it get a -9972 error (missing document in the catalog for extent)!!!
I've also try to repair manually by creating a new account with the same caracters of the original, then compared the start of two .sparseimage files with Disk Editor, but... nothing.
I think that the file is definitively lost.
What do you think?
The last is try to decript the file in the CIA computers!!! :-(
Thank, bye.
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  • FJ de Kermadec photo *#@/§^
    2005-02-01 01:19:19  FJ de Kermadec | O'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Hi again!

    Should Disk Utility be unable to access the file in the procedure outlined by Apple in the KB document, there are indeed chances that the file is lost...

    What would be interesting though would be to try to see what could have caused such corruption in order to avoid it in the future. Some always-running disk utilities or "optimization" applications, for example, can lead to such problems...

    • In the future...
      2005-02-02 00:45:29  >>-LuKe--> [View]

      In the Apple forums writing that the operation that use hard disk massively, can cause crash of the encripted file!
      And FileVault activation are promote by Apple only for job or activities like store sensible data, nothing all.
      I take care my Mac running Norton Disk Doctor some time, but some people says that its not pretty good, and would be preferred other utilities like TechToolPro or DiskWarrior.
      Yes, it would be interesting to know the cause of corruption, but I think that is a mix of its.
      See you, bye.