A Custom JSP Tag Library for Dynamic Menus
Subject:   doubt regd. jdbcmenutag
Date:   2005-01-29 06:33:52
From:   vilpesh
Response to: doubt regd. jdbcmenutag

please goto this url as that may help u

as the code in dynamicmenu.js has been derived from above site.

My Problem:
I read "Custom JSP Tag Library for Dynamic Menus" and used, menu-example.war.But on using it & clicking on the Menu items i got the result page in the same frame, but i was using html frames and wanted to load the new page in another frame so after referring to website above & looking i just added target = "main" (main is the name of the target frame where the new page must get displayed), i just added that line in the function

function mitem_init()
'<a id="mi_' + + '_'
+ +'" class="m' + + 'l' + this.depth
+'o" href="' + this.fields[1] + '" target="main" style="position: absolute; top: '

hope some help to u


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  • doubt regd. jdbcmenutag
    2006-03-13 13:36:54  jayens [View]

    Hi VilPesh,

    Your solution looks good. but how to change the position of the menu display itself.

    For ex: I'm trying to display a banned and below that would like the menu to be displayed.

    I'm not sure where to change the settings.I tried lot of things but still the menu is getting displayed at the top left corner of the page.

    Any help in this regard is really appreciated.