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Subject:   yml.db glitch
Date:   2005-01-28 12:50:22
From:   rakesh_goa
editing database.yml in notepad was a disaster. just couldnt get the white spaces right.
is yml such a sensitive syntax?
I finally edited it in scite and it worked.
!warn your readers!

What a brilliant tutorial. Many thanks.

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  • yml.db glitch
    2005-08-05 11:45:06  irishprogrammer [View]

    Wordpad worked pretty well for me.
  • Curt Hibbs photo yml.db glitch
    2005-01-28 21:36:00  Curt Hibbs | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Interesting! I wonder if notepad messes with the line-end chars in a way that the yaml processor doesn't like? Anyway, problem noted... thanks!
    • yml.db glitch
      2005-01-29 01:39:22  rakesh_goa [View]

      I don't know if scite was better or it was just a coincidence because I am reading that YAML doesn't accept tabs. and might actually only accept 2 spaces as delimiters (!!)
  • yml.db glitch
    2005-01-28 13:19:49  rakesh_goa [View]

    sorry the title of the post should be: database.yml editing glitch ... (my lysdexia)