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Subject:   GPL?
Date:   2005-01-26 08:39:48
From:   brofield
Why have you licenced this sample code under the GPL? What use is that? It now can't be used as a base or copied in any way by commercial entities. Surely commercial programmers are your largest readership.

Please don't release code under GPL. Since sample code is designed to be used by anyone for anything, just place it into the public domain.

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  • GPL?
    2005-01-27 13:17:40  nuno.santos [View]

    The GPL license was a decision taken by my boss, not by me.

    As a personal opinion, I agree with the license. I was payed to develop the code for a commercial product so it seems reasonably that the persons who payed me wish to profit from the money they invested on it. Commercial programmers can still use the code if they are willing to license it. It would certainly still be cheaper than to develop similar functionality from scratch.

    As far as I'm concerned, I'm quite happy that I was allowed to share with a wider community the lessons I learned while working in this product. I think that they might be useful for many people, even if they are not allowed to use the code commercially.

    Nuno Santos