A RAW Look at iPhoto 5
Subject:   Opening in Photoshop
Date:   2005-01-21 15:57:21
From:   StanleyWachs
Derrick, you write,

"When I selected Original under Export, iPhoto 5 exported the .crw file to my chosen destination. When I opened that file in Photoshop Elements, I was greeted with Camera RAW. Woohoo!"

My question (shamefaced?), what do you choose as your destination? Photoshop, itself, which I am using, does not seem to be a choice. I guess I'm just a bit sad that choosing the radio button to "open in Photoshop," is not a choice that works directly.

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  • Opening in Photoshop
    2005-01-22 12:03:46  SteveAuto [View]

    There appears to be a bug regarding the "Edit in external application" contextual menu item. It's greyed out for everyone I know who has installed iPhoto 5, and no solution has appeared to my knowledge.

    Users are also experience a display bug: If iPhoto is hidden, then you bring it to the foreground, then switch from thumbnail to edit view, the image will "shift" in the window and overwrite the iPhoto UI border. Switching back to a thumb view fixes it.
  • Derrick Story photo RE: Opening in Photoshop
    2005-01-21 22:21:29  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    You can use anywhere as a destination, because after you finish working on the image, you're going to have to reimport it into iPhoto 5 anyway. So you can save it on your Desktop if you want.

    Jim Heid noted that you can also drag the thumbnail of a RAW image out of iPhoto 5, on to the Photoshop icon, and Photoshop will open your image in Camera Raw. But then you have to save it somewhere on your hard drive and reimport it into iPhoto.

    Bottom line is, if you can use iPhoto's image adjustments for your RAW files, it's much easier. If you have to go outside of iPhoto 5, then you have to do more file management.