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  Rolling with Ruby on Rails
Subject:   Ruby article
Date:   2005-01-21 10:14:10
From:   einheit
From a quick glance at the article, I see only microsoft windows screenshots, so i lost interest pretty quickly as we are not a windows shop and have no plan to become one. Just out of curiosity, are these tools available for linux or not?
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  • Ruby article
    2005-01-21 10:29:15  scottlaird [View]

    They're absolutely available on Linux, as well as pretty much any other Unix-like platform. Ruby itself is developed mostly on Linux, while Rails is largely developed on OS X. If anything, Windows is an afterthought.
  • Ruby article
    2005-01-21 10:27:28  feoh [View]

    Your quick glance was a might too quick :)

    The author actually dealt with the issue you raise, with perhaps the sole exception being MySQL-Front which is in fact a Windows product.

    However, you have but to reach out and choose from one of a thousand MySQL front ends under *NIX.

    As to the rest of the tools, of course they run on UNIX. Ruby is a cross platform programming language. In point of fact the author takes pains to mention discrepancies between the Windows version he details and UNIX.