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  A RAW Look at iPhoto 5
Subject:   linkage between iPhoto 5 and iMovie?
Date:   2005-01-20 10:46:38
From:   joffe
Derrick, thanks for the preview. In addition to the new tools, which sound great for quick fixes, I really like the fact that Apple felt our pain regarding those little .avi files we record on our digicams. Nice that they're handling those in iPhoto, which should save us all a step.

One question: you wrote that the edit link automatically opens Quicktime. Do you see an easy way to substitute iMovie (or other vid editing app) instead?

Thanks a bunch,


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  • Derrick Story photo RE: linkage between iPhoto 5 and iMovie?
    2005-01-20 13:22:07  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    The short answer is no. The iPhoto preference only applies to still images, not setting an editor for movies. As of yet, I haven't found an easy way to open my QuickTime movies in an editor and save the revisions back to iPhoto 5.
  • linkage between iPhoto 5 and iMovie?
    2005-01-20 12:31:56  LouM [View]

    Yeah, I wonder if we're thinking about this backwards.

    Rather than double-click to edit the movie in iMovie, maybe what you want to do is open iMove and then have your digicam movies show up in the Media Browser. The question is, do they show up mixed in with all your photos in iPhoto, or is there a separate tab for iPhoto Movies or something?