Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   How to serve up during sleep
Date:   2001-12-10 01:43:51
From:   dowobeha
I have Mac OS X's serving up some nice stuff here on my machine at home. Unfortunately, the content's not accessible when the machine is asleep.

Is there any way around this. I don't really want to leave the machine awake all the time.

Lane Schwartz

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  • Morbus Iff photo How to serve up during sleep
    2001-12-10 07:53:17  Morbus Iff | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Lane, unfortunately, I personally don't know of any way. After doing a quick search through Google and the various Mac forums as well, nothing magical popped out either. Sorry!
    • How to serve up during sleep
      2002-01-09 15:35:57  derbs [View]

      Hi there
      I believe there's an option in the Energy Pref pane, check the box

      'wake computer up for network access'

      (not sure of the exact wording or location) but this will wake your machine up when someone logs on - maybe a couple seconds delay as the machine starts up.
  • How to serve up during sleep
    2001-12-10 13:23:25  djwudi [View]

    You do have to leave the system awake, unfortunately. I've been running a site on my OS X box (original Rev. A iMac) since the Public Beta, and I set the system and the hard drive to 'never', while setting the display to sleep after 15 minutes. That at least saves me the electricity from the monitor being on all the time.
    • How to serve up during sleep
      2002-01-19 18:50:44  ijosh [View]

      If the server is only accessed certain times of the day (or week), you can turn hard drive sleep on (probably after 1hr). The implication is that the first person to access the page will hace to wait 5-10 seconds