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  A First Look at Microsoft's AntiSpyware
Subject:   Trusting Microsoft ?
Date:   2005-01-20 08:27:50
From:   dbmsguy
Microsoft has a long history of furtively tracking user behavior through various technologies. (To name just two examples of many: Windows Media Player tracking what you play and INDEX files that track the websites you visit).

Why on earth would anyone knowledgable trust Microsoft to reduce spyware? They have been big purveyors of spyware themselves.

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  • Trusting Microsoft ?
    2005-01-29 01:34:42  musnat [View]

    The parent is not truthful and most probably one of the employees of those adware and spyware companies. Be aware when you follow people like him. If you want adware and spyware and viruses go ahead and trust him, otherwise stick with Microsoft.