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  Reading and Writing Excel Files with POI
Subject:   Use POI
Date:   2005-01-18 19:07:11
From:   Namrata
Response to: Use POI

Hi Arpan

you just have to add the file called "poi-2.5.1-final-20040804.jar" to your classpath ...note that filename may vary depending upon the version you have downloaded for the poi package .

i would suggest you to download the latest vesion from jakarta POI binary realease page which is

1.download "poi-bin-2.5.1-final-20040804.zip"
2.extract it to the folder say
3. and then simply add to the classpath..

thats it .
Namrata Ganatra

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  • Use POI
    2006-10-19 20:48:14  zinggo [View]

    Hy namrata,
    I already set the classpath as u said abvoe. I put that file in C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 5.5\common\lib\poi-2.5.1-final-20040804.jar;
    But when i try compile sample program error occur. one of ther error is import org.apache.poi.hpsf.* is not exist.

    I really apreciate to all of ur guide..thanks
  • Use POI
    2006-02-07 21:45:23  harikirankams [View]

    Just need some help if u can please for working on POI. i have downloaded the "poi-bin-2.5.1-final-20040804.zip" from the internet and extracted it to c:\poi. i have set the class path to this directory which contains the poi-bin-2.5.1-final-20040804.jar file. but i am still unable to compile the file . when i am comiling it says the package is not found.please share any info .
    Hari Kiran