Apache Web-Serving with Mac OS X: Part 1
Subject:   Perl and
Date:   2001-12-08 02:14:50
From:   kenyatta
the above article is fine, ok, and more or less easy to figure out. Let's get to the juice. I was able to find tutorials that explained how to build Apache (the latest build) on Mac OS X along with installling and configuring php4.0.

Hopefully some one will address perl

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  • Morbus Iff photo Perl and
    2001-12-08 07:00:46  Morbus Iff | O'Reilly Author [View]

    Kenyatta, we talk about php in a future article, yes. But what would you want to know specifically about Perl?
    • Perl and
      2001-12-10 14:07:08  cochella [View]

      I would like to see info on using CPAN to install,, and DBI/DBD.

      I have tried to do this and gotten stuck because the OSX Perl install is "non-standard" according to the CPAN module.

      Also, with respect to PHP it would be nice to see some info on compiling PHP with different options (MySQL, PDF, XML, DOM,...) for different user/virtual host directories.

      I hope this helps guide the future.

      Good article! Clear, concise and it works. Many articles do not workout.

      • Perl and
        2002-01-13 11:39:55  dtr [View]

        I like the first informative installment and am looking forward to more. It took me a while to see that I needed to turn on sharing to serve localhost documents. You'll probably save people a lot of time.

        I had the same problem with CPAN.

        What I'd like to see is a simple set of directions for getting setup for a typical web use from OSX default. (Obviously, easier said than done). I'm trying to tackle getting perl scripts to run in a browser first.

        For example, my httpd.conf was definitely not configured properly to start with. I thnk I've actually made things worse. All I need is a properly configured httpd.conf that does what it's supposed to--like run the printenv script that the computer was shipped with and which apparently worked out of the box for some people.

        I still can't access the CGI-Execuatables directory from a browser, even though I reset the permissions and tried a few other thing, but I can access any html files fine. For a while, I was getting it to display the perl scripts as text (instead of executing), but allowing it to handle cgi somehow messed that up, too.

        It just seems unnecessarilly messy that it didn't ship configured to do common things, and I am (obviously) frustrated. I don't mind learning how to configure things. In fact, I probably shoud. It just seems a bit still that everyone using it should have to.

        Thanks for any straightforward help you can provide!
    • Perl and
      2001-12-12 09:58:55  kenyatta [View]

      Specifically for Perl? Basically how to configure it for Apache, including the popular Perl module

      I found to useful tutorials for building and configuring PHP/MySQL for Apache on Mac OS X on and or (

      I've noticed that some books are being release targeting web serving using the Unix underpinnings of Mac OSX.

      Thanks in advance for any information
      • Perl and
        2001-12-18 07:48:47  tmana [View]

        Are you asking about mod_perl? 'Regular' Perl (including the CGI module) doesn't need to be configured for Apache. Though Apache does need to be configured to allow cgi scripts.

        I don't remember the specifics off the top of my head but basically there's a SetHandler line in the Apache conf file (which I believe comes commented out...) to the effect of:

        SetHandler cgi-script cgi

        where 'cgi-script' tells Apache to handle anything with an extension of 'cgi' (and you can add other extensions such as 'pl') as a cgi program.

        There's a couple Apache configuration books out there - including O'Reilly's - that will explain it better than me.