Introduction to Aspect-Oriented Programming
Subject:   MemberMethodJoinPoint Class
Date:   2005-01-17 03:16:32
From:   shikan_taza
I deployed the demo in Tomcat 4.1.31 and got a NoClassDefFoundError exception for this class. I think the problem may be due to my using RC2.1 of AspectWerkz.

Anyway, the reason for my post is that the stack trace mentions only the line numbers of the AOPServlet code; no sign anywhere of the Aspectwerkz code. Is this a limitation of AOP in general? Moreover, when the bytecode of the class is massaged by the AOP compiler, would the source file information in the class file (line numbers, for example) be thrown out of kilter, thereby further screwing up the stack trace output?


Rajesh Jayaprakash

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  • MemberMethodJoinPoint Class
    2005-06-18 03:59:54  grahamoregan [View]

    it depends on the implementation, AW would not show up in the trace because it modifies the byte-code, but a proxy-based AOP implementation would show up.

    In relation to the NCD, AW have refactored their package structure since this article was written, but I think all the classes still exist in the new package structure, have a look at their javadoc to see where things now live. I think I did update the code for one reader and I may still have a zip kicking around if you're interested.