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Subject:   sports photos
Date:   2005-01-12 10:51:36
From:   Greg63376
Response to: sports photos

Hi. I had the same problem with my son's basketball games. The best I could do with the camera I had was to set the ISO to 400. This helped stop the action, but the pictures got grainy. I've just yesterday got a newer camera, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ3. It has an incredible 12X zoom, which I'm hoping will be good for football games. More important to basketball, though, the camera gives you a choice of shutter-priority, aperture-priority, manual, or fully automatic modes. (It has a "sports" mode, but according to the manual that is for outdoor sports with plenty of light.) Basically, I think you need to learn to use shutter-priority mode (if your camera has it) to choose a fairly high shutter speed (maybe around 1/30) and combine that with an ISO speed of 200-400. If your pictures come out slightly under-exposed, you also have the option of brightening them up a little after you put them on your computer using your favorite photo software. Your camera may have other options that might be helpful to you, or you may have to go shopping for a new one. Good luck.
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  • sports photos
    2005-01-12 11:29:56  Greg63376 [View]

    Before somebody else says something, I should say that 1/30 is actually a fairly slow shutter speed. In better lighting, you'd probably want more like 1/60 or higher. For a really fast-paced outdoor sport, you'd want something even higher. (Also, I'm still playing with these settings myself. I'm no expert.)
    • sports photos
      2005-01-16 18:34:54  underworld [View]

      For lower light scenarios, 1/30 is very good as it allows more existing light to be recorded whether you are shooting digital or film. Also, with the longer shutter speed it can allow for the flash to be more effective. If your camera has a hot shoe you may want to consider an accessory flash. There are many good quality inexpensive ones made by Vivitar, Minolta and many other manufacturers.