True Stories of Knoppix Rescues
Subject:   Knoppix + USB pen drive
Date:   2005-01-10 11:22:31
From:   samgau
Had a user bring in a laptop with a dying HD, winXP couldn't boot anymore and the user needed some important files. In comes knoppix and my trusted USB drive, booted the machine, found the files, thankfully the HD was not completely toast, plugged in the USB drive, knoppix had no troubles installing it, made it writable and copied the files over. Again, thanks knoppix...
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  • Knoppix + cd burner and/or usb drives
    2005-01-10 20:26:18  madnashy [View]

    I have my box set up with 2x ide removeable hard drives, a dvd rom, cd writer and net card. I have used knoppix as a disposable net surfing tool (no worries about spyware and viruses if I plan to visit dodgy sites), and for data backup (via usb drive and by cd-rom) I usually boot via my dvd drive so I can use the cd burner to backup all data. as an altenrative I sometimes use a blank HDD with fat32 as a backup if I'm retrieving data off a damaged windows install. so I have found knoppix useful for risky net surfing, data backup, media playing, file maintenance (deleting virus files, etc). soon I'll have a HDD with knoppix installed to make better use of other apps like Kmail with has some cool features I rarely see in other email apps.
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