Keeping Your Life in Subversion
Subject:   When to commit
Date:   2005-01-10 05:38:05
From:   Manuzhai
So do you have any rules for when you commit the latest version of, say, your documents?

I got into Subversion a few months ago for some software development projects, and it got me to think about stuffing more of my things in a repository, but your article really got me to do so. Thanks for that!

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  • When to commit
    2005-01-12 12:46:04  joeyh [View]

    I generally commit something as soon as I realize I'd not want to type it in again. Although it really varies by project; projects that have more than one person working on them benefit from more occasional commits that are tested and working, so if I need to make intermediate commits when working on such a project I'll typically spin off a temporary branch to work in.
  • When to commit
    2005-01-10 08:49:27  Manuzhai [View]

    And another question: how do you handle the separate base/full branches? I can think of ways to handle it with different branches, but that'd require merging by hand, which could possibly get tedious very quick.