Groovy, Java's New Scripting Language
Subject:   groovy ? no thanks I'd rather go for javascript (rhino) in Seppia
Date:   2005-01-09 10:40:27
From:   lorenzop
Groovy ?
Yes nice... but what was said in the introduction
is so true: why another language ?
what we really need instead is an environment
to use an existing one.
How about javascript (elegant and concise) ?
have you ever of Seppia ? ?

Seppia is a simple framework to build and deploy any java application. It gains from the sinergy of java and javascript and a minimum set of clear rules to organize their interaction.

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  • Ian F. Darwin photo Javascript Is Not Enough
    2005-01-09 12:01:59  Ian F. Darwin | O'Reilly Author [View]

    What I also said in the introduction was

    ... other developers have been hoping for a scripting language with the power of Perl, Python, or Ruby but without having to re-learn everything from the ground up.

    Whatever you say about JavaScript, it does not have the power of Perl, Python or Ruby.

    Seppia may be a nice solution for some applications.
    Choice is good, and I'm choosing Groovy which does have the greater expressive power while remaining largely upwards-compatible with Java itself.