Keeping Your Life in Subversion
Subject:   tla
Date:   2005-01-07 12:10:45
From:   joeyh
Response to: tla

In fact I have some friends who do the same thing with arch. Subversion was an easier transition for me as a cvs user; the full pros and cons are too long to list in this space. The most interesting thing to me is something I touch on in the article -- if I do decide a better system than subversion has come along, it looks very likely that I'll be able to convert my whole repository history to it.
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  • tla
    2005-10-02 21:14:00  akkartik [View]

    I recently started using darcs for something like this. Instead of a single huge repository, though, I maintain multiple ones to taste. This design decision is based on darcs/tla being organized by changeset rather than file-revision. It just seems ugly to clutter up individual patches with a bunch of unrelated stuff.

    While I think the decision was forced by my choice of vc software, there are tradeoffs to be considered if I were to be freed from this constraint.

    Also, while off-the-shelf vc software does pretty well, there are some issues to consider. The big one I think about is archival. One's home directory repo will tend to grow linearly over time. Is there some way one can archive old snapshots on a reliable medium and then remove them from the repo?