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  Keeping Your Life in Subversion
Subject:   symbolic links
Date:   2005-01-07 05:48:34
From:   timfreeman
Great article.

One comment, quoting from

New in Subversion 1.1

Symbolic link versioning

Unix users can now create symbolic links and place them under version control with the svn add command. See svn add and the section called “svn:special”.

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  • symbolic links
    2005-01-07 12:08:25  joeyh [View]

    I'm looking forward to using the new symlinks features in 1.1, once all the systems I use subversion on have updated their client to the 1.1 version that's needed to use the feature. Now if subversion could only add support for storing full file permissions in svn, I could probably do away with my svnfix hack entirely.