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  The Insanely Great Story of How the Mac was Made -- An Interview with Andy Hertzfeld
Subject:   Great Book
Date:   2005-01-04 23:14:28
From:   staypufd
I have been reading the folklore.org site on and off since last summer and reading the book and seeing more pictures, better pictures, the layout and design of the book are just great! Kudo's to you and O'Reilly for a job well done.... and thanks for helping give birth to the machine that changed the computing world for "The Rest of Us"!

Woder if there is any chance Andy is gonna create some great OS X software? We can only hope!

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  • Great OSX switcher....
    2005-01-05 08:15:31  OtisWild [View]

    .... I would be surprised if Andy (or anyone else reading this) hasn't already come across the best desktop 'switcher' for OSX Panther.. http://wsmanager.sf.net .. GPL and with all the kewl transitions you could shake a wireless stick at.

    I don't sell it, I'm just a happy user...