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  Learning the Terminal in Jaguar, Part 1
Subject:   Safari
Date:   2005-01-04 17:59:23
From:   yizzle123
Can I open safari with the terminal? Also can I read whats happening when I go to a website, from the terminal, in code?
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  • Using terminal to "see" a web request
    2005-06-07 14:24:23  xurizaemon [View]

    Ok, you can do this. (Damn, I wish I hadn't run out of ttys so I could test it!)

    ## opens telnet connection to webserver on port 80 (HTTP)
    $ telnet webserver.com 80
    ## webserver prints connection open message here
    HEAD /file.html HTTP/1.1
    Host: webserver.com
    ## webserver prints headers returned from URL
    ## webserver.com/file.html
    ## or you can retrieve the file like so
    GET /file.html HTTP/1.1
    Host: webserver.com
    ## webserver prints the raw HTML (or other) file
    ## to your terminal

    Using the HTTP Headers extension in Mozilla is easier though ;)

  • Safari
    2005-06-07 14:18:59  xurizaemon [View]

    Yes. In Terminal, you can use the "open" command to open files, URLs, or applications.

    ## launches a specific application
    ## (maybe can give URL or file as argument?)
    $ open /Applications/Safari.app

    ## goes to www.oreillynet.com
    ## in your preferred browser
    $ open http://oreillynet.com/

    ## opens /Documents/MyFile.txt in your home dir
    ## using default text editor
    $ open ~/Documents/MyFile.txt

    ## opens your Pictures folder in Finder
    open ~/Pictures

    Pretty easy, huh? Basically, the 'open' command simulates what you'd normally do with a double-click or CMD+O.
  • Safari
    2005-02-10 11:39:18  endian [View]

    open safari from terminal: open -a Safari

    I don't know what you mean by your latter question. Look at something like tcpdump, or telnet to the web site on port 80 telnet www.thesite.com 80