Mod_python's PSP: Python Server Pages
Subject:   mod_python PSP is redundant
Date:   2005-01-04 17:45:39
From:   jon_perez
Spyce ( covers everything that
PSP does and much more. Moreover, Spyce can
work via CGI, fastCGI and as its own proxy server
in addition to running over mod_python.

This means that PSP is just a case of reinventing
the wheel (and not a very good reinvention at that).
Forcing people to incur the extra bloat of PSP along
with mod_python when they want to use a better alternative is not a very good decision.

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  • mod_python PSP is redundant
    2005-07-20 13:59:35  MPHellwig [View]

    I took a look a both and my conclusion is that both are capable of producing the exact same output with equal performance, the differents is more personal preference:
    - If you want PHP _like_ functionality with Python and no templating, go for Spyce
    - If you want Python programming with PHP _like_ functionality, go for mod_python and templating PSP
    - If your choice is between PSP with Spyce or mod_python, go for Spyce or Spyce on mod_python if you need the performance
  • mod_python PSP is redundant
    2005-02-27 09:17:45  nsalgado [View]

    Using PSP as templates are a very good way of doing html pages. I don't see any advantage on using another tool.
    I'm converting my pages from Zope to mod_python using PSP and I'm very happy with the simplicity off PSP versus ZPT.
    I just want to thank you to Gregory Trubetskoy and to Sterling Hughes for their work.