A Week with the iPod
Subject:   iTunes and Gaps between songs
Date:   2001-11-29 17:59:20
From:   duncan
Response to: iTunes and Gaps between songs

It's true that the new crossfade playback helps reduce the gap. But the gap is either still there, or there is a minimum 1 second fade between tracks. On a mix disc, that 1 second fade can sound really bad. And of course, this feature is only available on iTunes and not hte iPod.

Another reader has pointed out in private mail that this problem may be caused by iTunes inserting a small space at the end of tracks as it rips them from CD. I haven't yet looked into this but will over the next few days.

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  • iPod and inability to use Crossfade feature
    2007-01-24 16:03:35  duro4u [View]

    Is there any reason why the "Crossfade" feature is only available on iTunes and not a physical iPod. I like the feature. It's a shame it's limited solely to my PC
  • iTunes and Gaps between songs
    2001-11-30 09:27:31  digi-native [View]

    In iTunes 2.0.2's Preferences (CD Burning tab), you can set the gap between songs from 0-5 seconds.
    • James Duncan Davidson photo iTunes and Gaps between songs
      2001-12-04 13:52:53  James Duncan Davidson | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

      Right, but that only affects burning of discs. In every case, no matter what settings I tweak, when I import a mix disc, I get gaps in the tracks. This very well may be something that iTunes does on import and that the playback gaps are due to this. I'm still chasing this down.
      • iTunes and Gaps between songs
        2003-02-28 18:48:02  anonymous2 [View]

        I checked on an external audio editing program and the gap is not embedded into the mp3 track.

        Is there any kind of patch, update, anything?!