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  The Hidden Gems of Jakarta Commons, Part 1
Subject:   Well, you're close...
Date:   2004-12-23 08:47:48
From:   yetanotherchristypedude

Nice article, by and large. However, you've fallen into the "if it's not procedural, it's gotta be OO!" trap. Functors et al. are functional programming. As any Haskell programmer :-).

Other than that, good points. Anyone want to take up the constantly-changing-API issue Graham brings up?
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  • Timothy M. O'Brien photo Well, you're close...
    2004-12-25 08:19:05  Timothy M. O'Brien | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    I didn't want to mislead people into thinking that by using Functors you would be practicing true functional programming. IMO, I don't think strict functional programming is possible in Java. Commons Functors can be used to encourage a more functional approach, but, in the end, you are still programming in an imperative language. In other words, I didn't want people to think that by using Commons Functor you could be as cool as a Haskell programmer. :-)

    As far as what Graham said, I agree to an extent. The community has understood this loud and clear, and there are a number of people who fight the good fight to minimize the impact of changes. It is a continuing discussion, some components do not allow major API changes without a major release, other packages (such as CLI) change package names when they have a major release. There was a interesting discussion on the commons-dev list last week about package naming with strong views on both sides including a comparison to C#.