Windows Server Hacks: AutoProf Policy Maker
Subject:   Pricing
Date:   2004-12-22 01:51:36
From:   ReggieB
This looks like an interesting piece of software. However, I am put off it, by the lack of pricing information on the website. It could be $5 a seat, or $5000 minimum site license. And the only way to find out seems to be to give them my contact details. It is one thing asking for details when offering free evaluation software, but I don't like being asked for contact information just to get a guideline price. Shame - the article pricked my interest, the company site (and a couple of their resellers sites) turned me straight off again.
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  • Pricing
    2005-01-28 03:42:40  RJ247 [View]

    I agree, the pricing for these types of little utils is way too high. With over 5000 seats, software priced like this just become no-go's for us. After all, all the features are doable with scripts and/or adm templates, so a 4 or 5 figure sum for something that just makes life a teensy bit easier is silly.
    • Mitch Tulloch photo Pricing
      2005-02-19 06:52:28  Mitch Tulloch | O'Reilly Author [View]

      Depends on your needs. Policy Maker can save you lots of time and effort {which equals money) since you will no longer need to write scripts or create custom adm templates for many lockdown tasks. And like all software products, I'm sure the price for Policy Maker is negotiable since it's a customer-driven markeplace nowadays, not a vendor-driven one. If you think AutoProf be useful for your company, call them and see what kind of deal you can negotiate ;)