Generating an XML Document with JAXB
Subject:   What limitations ?
Date:   2004-12-21 01:24:00
The conclusion speaks about limitations to JAXB, what are they ?

As in previous comments, my opinion is that the title is incorrect as the article is about jaxb.

A word about hyperjaxb (xsd to hibernate classes) would be good.

My 2 cents


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  • What limitations ?
    2004-12-21 05:09:29  Deepak Vohra | [View]

    As mentioned in the conclusion the limitation is, JAXB does not support all of the schema constructs.
  • What limitations ?
    2004-12-21 01:28:48 [View]

    Also, an article about the tools compatible between them that allow to generate classes that are DB AND XML persistent would be great.
    With UML as the entry point.
    • What limitations ?
      2006-01-18 23:23:03  sgulzar [View]

      limations to the JAXB interface