A Custom JSP Tag Library for Dynamic Menus
Subject:   doubt regd. jdbcmenutag
Date:   2004-12-20 00:41:28
From:   zeesunil
This is sunil.
Your dynamic jdbcmenutag is excellent and working fine.
It is working perfect in horizontal format.
But i need in vertical format.
What changes i have to do to get it vertical.

plz send the detail documentation of making it vertical to this id :


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  • doubt regd. jdbcmenutag---very urgent
    2005-07-09 04:23:30  Selvi [View]

    My dear

    I seen your comments on jdbcmenu.jsp on that tree structure is working in vertical format..

    for me tree structure is not working. so could you please send me the source code and structure of web application..

  • doubt regd. jdbcmenutag
    2004-12-20 21:27:30  zeesunil [View]

    JDBCMenuTag is working fine in horizontal as well as vertical format.
    Just you have to type vertical instead of horizontal.
    that's all
    but one more doubt is how to make it work in frames. i.e., all root items should come in one frame and rest of the menu items should come in another frame.
    someone help me out this way.