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  Three-Tier Development with PHP 5
Subject:   use _POST for x, y, z
Date:   2004-12-15 15:41:08
From:   lycruzc
Response to: use _POST for x, y, z

Hi friend, for that work without _POST; You should activate the var :

register_globals=OFF => register_globals= ON

This variable this in the file of configuration of PHP (php.ini).

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  • use _POST for x, y, z
    2005-03-14 12:08:48  eriksays [View]

    no no no no.

    register_globals = ON is a SERIOUS SECURITY VIOLATION that can allow a user to hijack the session data with their own variables.

    keep register_globals = OFF and just use $_POST or $_GET to grab your form variables.
    • use .htaccess for x, y, z
      2006-06-09 02:56:40  goa103 [View]

      I second your remark but for this article it's possible to avoid modifying a single line of code by using a simple .htaccess file with the following lines in it :
      php_flag magic_quotes_gpc off
      php_flag register_globals on