Configuring JBoss 4.0 JDBC Connectivity
Subject:   JAWS
Date:   2004-12-06 02:09:19
From:   PieterPareit

I have just bought the Oreilly Enterprise JavaBeans 4th edition. And there they don't speak about the JAWS.xml. I even readed the JBOSS 4.0 starters guide, and there they also didn't mentioned the JAWS.xml.

I setted up the JBoss 4.0, to work with CMP beans, I created one bean, but my bean still works with the Hypersonic DB, and I can't figure out why my bean doesn't work with my MySQL database. I have posted my code to the forum.



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  • JAWS
    2004-12-06 05:30:36  Deepak Vohra | [View]

    The connection url for MySQL is jdbc:mysql://localhost/test

    Also, has an application-policy been added to login-config.xml?

    It is not necessary to set up JAWS if you are not using CMP 1.1 entity beans.