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Subject:   full screen web
Date:   2004-12-04 13:46:10
From:   newtiger
Most web pages on a Mac do not fill the screen. Mac users have to suffer blank margins or large white areas. PC users do not have this problem. Why is this? Is there hope?
Will Tiger fix this? I got two family members to switch over to Macs and they are beside themselves over this.

Somebody help...Please...Thank you.

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  • full screen web
    2005-01-01 12:31:18  Elixir [View]

    Why Tiger, you can already do that in Panther: Search for Saft at
  • full screen web
    2004-12-05 11:11:19  rogre [View]

    PC users would have this problem if they used high resolution settings for their monitors. I think that what you are describing is created from the Mac having higher monitor resolution settings shipping on macs. This is a good thing. Web pages on regular PS settings have larger viewing but they are also of very poor quality and resolution. You can make your Mac web viewing almost as crappy as the average PC by changing to a very low monitor resolution.