Agile User Interface Development
Subject:   I'm sorry....
Date:   2004-11-26 11:00:35
From:   decoder
Response to: I'm sorry....

Gotta disagree here fellas. I totally agree w/your critique; this article has no useful new information and is incredibly naive. And I totally agree that there are things in the view that absolutely must be tested for. What I disagree about is that you have to go straight to a scripted integration testing tool from this decidedly simplistic 'test the model' approach. In fact, the Gamma/Beck book Contributing to Eclipse has a lot of excellent examples of writing UI unit tests. Unfortunately, that is using a framework that is not really hosted like web frameworks are. Even the new Manning book on JUnit Recipes punts on this one. Someone needs to do much more work on this and I tend to blame the framework developers. Why doesn't JSP and JSF come with a simple way to do unit tests? All they would need to do is make it very simple to compile a page (without having to run the whole container) and/or mock it completely.
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  • I'm sorry....
    2004-12-03 19:29:29  jbrains [View]

    I don't understand how JUnit Recipes "punts" on this issue. It includes a collection of recipes related to testing web user interfaces /in isolation/ -- something that a majority of even the TDD community claims is not worth the effort. I have test-driven web UIs implemented with Velocity with relative ease and to stunning effect, and included that experience in the book. What more are you expecting?
  • Testing JSPs etc.
    2004-11-29 06:55:26  ipreuss [View]

    You can compile a page using the ServletRunner of ServletUnit (which is part of HttpUnit), a very lightweight servlet container for testing purposes (it doesn't even implement the http protocol).