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Subject:   Sennheiser comes with caveats
Date:   2004-11-23 18:32:32
From:   clvrmnky

I advise that anyone looking to upgrade their earbuds seriously test anything from Sennheiser first. The studio cans I have are nice (for the price) but in my experience the lower-priced earphones are absolute trash.

Poorly made and with terrible dynamic range. I ended up going back to my el cheapo Sony earbuds.

Brands really do mean nothing. This means you too, Apple.

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  • Derrick Story photo Sennheiser comes with caveats
    2004-11-24 14:53:12  Derrick Story | O'Reilly AuthorO'Reilly Blogger [View]

    Testing is always good. That's what I did with the PX 100s. They sounded great to my ears.
    • Sennheiser comes with caveats
      2004-11-28 21:41:56  tonywilliams [View]

      I agree Derrick.

      I've bought a pair for myself for use with the iPod and a pair for my 12 year old daughter for her CD player and the PowerBook so she can watch movies in the back of the car when we travel. We both love them, they sound great and the case is a piece of impressive design.

      I've also bought a pair for someone close for Xmas.