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Subject:   OSX 10.4 upgrade
Date:   2004-11-23 06:09:26
From:   Rahbyrt
Response to: OSX 10.4 upgrade

Buy it now.

Conventional wisdom says never buy the first release of any Apple OS upgrade unless you want the bugs that were missed in Apple's rush-to-market. Software Smarties will say wait for the first revision of the upgrade, such as Tiger 10.4.2 .

Of-course by then we'll have news that OSX 10.5 "Cheetah" is scheduled to be released in 6-months, and maybe we should wait for that...
...and so continues the infamous Apple infinite loop of operating system introductions.

So just buy it now.

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  • OSX 10.4 upgrade
    2004-12-28 18:51:52  new_convert [View]

    Agreed. I wasted much time in prolonging my "switch" from the M$ world. Once I was introduced to Panther I have been kicking myself ever since for not making the leap sooner. My wife and kids still run their Windows boxes but they are becoming converts too. Tiger may be the latest and greatest when released and more than likely worth the upgrade, but I am more than confident that you will not be disappointed with Pather and the overall Mac experience.
  • OSX 10.4 upgrade
    2004-12-07 02:02:32  TriangleJuice [View]

    Mac OS X 10.5 won't be Cheetah, because that was the codename of OS 10 10.0.

    My guess is Lynx ;-)